Exporting product information

You can create excel or text files containing your inventory information. Two choices are available:

  • Export your products currently in the database
  • Export a list of your not yet allocated GTIN numbers

You can use both files for importing back your products' updates to your database.

Export file can be one of:

  • Excel spreadsheet (XLS)
  • Excel spreadsheet (XLSX)
  • Open document spreadsheet (ODS)
  • Comma separated text file (CSV)

For a definition of the created columns read the  Importing product information page.

Products are exported ordered first by package level, from lower to higher (base unit to pallet), and then by GTIN number.

When a container is exported a line with all container info is created, followed by one or more lines of it's item(s). These lines contain only the sub product's GTIN number, the label __SUBPRODUCT__ as a description, the package level of the sub product and the quantity contained in the parent container.

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